Where do I make utility payments?

Customers have a variety of options available to pay their utility bills. 

ONLINE: Payments can be made electronically through Xpress Bill Pay. For more information, how to sign up, and question and answer information, click here.

PHONE: Xpress Bill Pay has a dedicated line for Sunnyside residents. Dial 1-888-716-0174 to make a payment over the phone. 

MAIL: Payments can be mailed to the City of Sunnyside lock box, PO Box 967 Pleasant Grove, UT  84062. 

IN PERSON: Payments can be made directly at City Hall located at 818 E. Edison Ave., Sunnyside, WA  98944

We accept payment by cash, check, money order, and Visa or Mastercard. Also, for your convenience, there is a locked payment drop box located at the east corner of the City Hall building on 9th Street. When using the drop box, please remember to enclose your billing stub along with your payment, or include the name and address of the account you are paying.

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2. Where do I make utility payments?
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