COVID-19 Information

Emergency Utility Payment Policy and Procedures

This is a stressful time for many. We are taking the following steps to help our residential and business customers who might be worried about paying their utility bills:

  • We have temporarily suspended water, sewer, and garbage shutoffs for non-payment.
  • We are waiving late fees for utility bills beginning March 2020, until the Declaration of Emergency for Yakima County ends.

We will be working with our customers who are experiencing hardships from the COVID-19 pandemic to establish payment plans. Please return our Utility Customer Payment Agreement or contact Utility Billing Customer Service via email or by calling 509-837-3782.

You are still responsible for your bills. Please do your best to continue paying. However, we can work with you to spread out payments over a longer time. If you are in need of utilities assistance, Dial 2-1-1 and they can help to connect you with programs in this area to assist in bridging the financial gap. Here is a copy of the City's policy regarding the Emergency Collection & Enforcement of Utility Bills.