Transportation Benefit District


A Transportation Benefit District (TBD) is a quasi-municipal corporation with independent taxing authority for the sole purpose of acquiring, construction, and maintaining transportation improvements within the District.

On March 11, 2019, City Council established the Sunnyside Transportation Benefit District and on March 25, 2019, City Council assumed the right, powers, functions, and obligations of the Sunnyside Transportation Benefit District, pursuant to Ordinance No. 2020-03. The governing board of the TBD is the Sunnyside City Council, which shall have the authority to exercise the statutory powers set forth in Chapter 36.73 RCW.


The boundaries of the TBD are the Sunnyside City Limits.


The TBD was established on March 11, 2019.

Proposition 1 – 0.2% Sales and Use Tax Levy for Transportation Improvement Program will be on the August 2020 General Election Ballot.


The TBD provides a dedicated source of revenue for major transportation infrastructure maintenance and repair projects.


  • TBD’s are authorized by RCW 36.73. At least 90 cities across the state use TBD’s.
  • Funding will be decided by voters on August 4, 2020. The 0.2% sales tax, if approved, would generate revenue to pay for the City’s obligations for match requirements on federal and state funded projects. It would spread the cost among all those who use the streets, not just those who live in City limits.
  • Money collected can only be used for transportation, such as constructing and maintaining streets, alleys, bridges, sidewalks, and gutters.