Filling/Draining Pools & Spas

Pool / Spa Filling

The City does not fill pools. There are two ways to fill your pool or spa: use your garden hose or rent a hydrant meter from the City. The cost of a fire hydrant meter can be found HERE, under TITLE 13. The final bill for consumption is based on current water rates and a prorating of the base fee. Call 509-837-5206 for more information.

Pool / Spa Draining

The City recommends that pool or spa water be disposed of by one of two methods. The preferred method is to discharge to your sanitary sewer clean-out. An alternative method is to discharge to a soil surface or lawn area on your own property. You will need to make sure that discharges stay on your property. You will need to maintain a controlled rate to assure that discharge does not flow onto your neighbor's property. If you have a septic drain field, you will also need to be aware that excessive water applied to the area above your drain field could impact its ability to function properly.

Draining to a Sewer Clean-Out?

Sanitary sewer clean-outs are typically located adjacent to your house on the sewer service line that connects your house to the City sanitary sewer. Water from your pool or spa can be pumped to the cleanout through a garden hose. A flow of less than 6 gal./min. is recommended. Higher rates may be possible, but will need to be verified to assure that your sewer service line is capable of handling a higher flow rate. The City's sewer ordinance requires that the pH be within the range of 5.5 to 9.5. You can contact your local pool chemical suppliers to get more information on adjusting the pH level.Document1