City Council District 3 Vacancy 5x5

Sunnyside City Council Seeking Candidates to Fill Council Vacancy

Sunnyside City Council District # 3 is currently vacant. The City Council is accepting applications from interested community members to fill this open position until the election is certified.

To be eligible to be appointed to the Sunnyside City Council from August 2023 until election certification, you must:

  • Must have continuously resided within the Sunnyside City limits and District # 3 for a minimum of one year prior to your appointment to the Council (see our district map)
  • Must be a registered voter in the City, 18 years old or over.

To apply for the City Council vacancy complete the:

2023 District # 3 Vacancy Application

To be considered, your application must be completed, signed, and received by the City Clerk electronically or at City Hall, 818 E. Edison Avenue, or by email to jrenteria@sunnyside-wa.gov no later than 4 PM on August 15, 2023. Additional written information after this date will not be accepted unless requested by the city council.


If you require assistance or accommodation regarding the application process or for further information please contact the City Clerk at (509) 836-6310 or by email at jrenteria@sunnyside-wa.gov 


Please note: this appointment application is only to fill the vacancy until the election is certified.