Parks & Recreation

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The City of Sunnyside Parks and Recreation Department pledges to sustain the delivery of the broad-based parks, facilities, programs and services creating a sense of community, enabling a safe and secure environment and enhancing Sunnyside's quality of life, by:

  • Being responsive to the changing recreational needs of the diverse and growing community.
  • Continuing a citizen-driven and professional approach to provide safe, well-designed, and maintained facilities and programs.
  • Maximizing community resources.
  • Providing responsible stewardship of human, fiscal, natural, and historic resources.

Reservations & Community EvenTS

For easy quick steps with a fee to receive insurance to your rental needs - Insurance Document
For city park reservations please complete the Park Rental Application.
              Any rental over 50 people must provide insurance 
              We ask hat water balloons not to be used or to be picked up for maintenance mowers
              Due to liability reasons, Bounce houses and slip and slides are not allowed
                              Special permission to use these items need to come through City Hall
For community center rentals complete the Community Center Form
For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the Community Center Tab 
For community events please complete the Community Event Permit.
For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the Community Center Tab
For park maps and amenities please click HERE

activities & programs

To see all the currently scheduled activities and programs with the Sunnyside Parks & Recreation Division please click on Activities & Programs on the left menu bar