City Manager

Duties & Powers

Sunnyside is organized under the council-manager plan of government with the city manager serving as the chief administrative and executive officer of the City. The city manager is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the City Council.

The duties and powers of the city manager are defined by RCW 35A.13 and include:
  • Appointing and/or dismissing all departments heads and employees of the City
  • Directing the day-to-day operations of the City
  • Enforcing all laws and ordinances
  • Informing the council of the City's financial position
  • Preparing the City's preliminary budget and implementing the annual budget adopted by the City Council
  • Recommending measures, ordinances, and legislation necessary for the efficient operation of the City

Additional Information

Whether you are a family relocating to the Sunnyside area or a business seeking a strategic location for a new facility, we invite you to take a leisurely tour of our community. Please feel welcome to contact any of the city management staff if you desire additional information.