Operations Division

The Sunnyside Police Operations division consists of one Commander, four patrol sergeants, and 12 patrol officers, who respond to a variety of calls, patrol the city, and enforce State, County, and Municipal laws. The following units are within the Operations Division:


- When a citizen or visitor calls the Sunnyside Police Department for assistance, a Patrol Officer responds. Officers assigned to the Patrol Division render first aid and start the investigative process; meet with the reporting person, interview witnesses and suspects, collect evidence, effect arrests and conduct crash investigations. Many patrol officers have received specialized training in investigative techniques, narcotics detection, evidence recovery, police bicycle operation and crisis intervention training (CIT) which enhances their response to the City. Patrol Officers receive advanced training in Community Oriented Policing, Use of Force, Police Vehicle Operation and a wide variety of other law enforcement topics.

School Resource Officer (SRO)

- The Sunnyside Police Department partners with the Sunnyside School District (SSD) to provide two Police Officers to work in the nine different SSD schools. These officers are responsible for calls for service, security and crime prevention services on school property, as well as teach crime and safety classes at the schools. The SROs complete 40-hours of basic SRO training through the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) prior to beginning as a SRO.

Reserve Police Officers

- The Sunnyside Police Department operates a volunteer Reserve Police Officer Unit, dedicated to the goal of assisting the Sunnyside Police Department Patrol Unit with daily operations. Citizens may apply, train, and respond with SSPD Officers. The SSPD Reserve Unit is comprised of 20 Reserve Officer Positions who work directly with the full-time members of the police department.


- The Sunnyside Police Department has one of the largest Explorer posts in the State of Washington. Explorers are volunteers between the ages of 14 and 21 who train, assist, and volunteer for the department in a number of different capacities. Click on Explorers to learn more about the Explorer Program.