Records Services

The Sunnyside Police Department Records Clerk performs a variety of services to include providing timely, reliable, and accurate records in response to inquiries from officers, detectives, and the public. The Records Clerk processes a wide variety of law enforcement records, logs, traffic accident inquiries, public disclosure requests, and other paperwork.

Law Enforcement Public Records Request Form

Records procedures are governed by State regulations:
1. RCW 10.97 - WA State Criminal Records Act;
2. RCW 13.50 - Juvenile Records Access;
3. RCW 40.14 - Preservation and Destruction of Public Records;
4. RCW 42.56 - Public Records Act;
5. RCW 46.52 - Sections .080, .083, .085 Confidentiality of Reports

Current RCW's are available on the Internet at