Recreational & Medical Marijuana - Notice and Policy


The City of Sunnyside is not accepting applications for business licenses or land use permits for the production, processing or retail sales of recreational or medical marijuana at this time.

Effective August 12, 2013, the City of Sunnyside adopted a moratorium prohibiting the production, process or retail sales of recreational or medical marijuana within all zoning districts within the City pending the adoption of City regulations.

The moratorium was scheduled to expire on August 11, 2014, however City Council approved a renewal of the moratorium by Resolution 2014-59 on August 11th. This renewed the moratorium for a period of six (6) months. The moratorium shall automatically expire upon the effective date of zoning regulations adopted by the City Council to address the processing, production, and/or retail sales of recreational marijuana within the City.

Notice of the City's time for acceptance of applications shall be posted here on the City's website.