Inside SSPD

Chief of Police - Al Escalera

This is the highest ranking officer in the Sunnyside Police Department and he provides internal and external oversight of the Department. He is responsible for policy development, control, supervision, and program implementation in the Department and is accountable for the effective delivery of police services to the Community. The Chief is supported by two Commanders who specialize in different areas of he department.

Operations Commander - Dan Christman

The Operations Commander leads and manages the Operations Division and is responsible for the daily field operations throughout the City. His area of responsibility includes all of our uniformed personnel, Traffic Safety, School Resource Officers, Reserve Officers, Code Enforcement, and Explorers.

Support Services Commander

- Scott Bailey

Commander Bailey oversees the Administrative Support Division and is responsible for the daily operations of the Sunnyside Police Department. His area of responsibility includes the Criminal Investigations Unit, the Sunnyside Municipal Jail, Communications, Records and Evidence, and the Administrative Support staff.